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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to pay to get messages on my mobile phone?
SMSjunction is a free service. However, you should check with your phone carrier (eg, Bharti, AT&T, Bpl Mobile, Orange, etc) to see if there are charges to receive text messages on your mobile phone.

Q: How do I send and receive text messages from my cellular phone to / from another Cellphone?
You can send and receive text messages from your cellular phone to / from another Cellphone in two ways. Your message can be upto 120 characters long and can be keyed in from your handset.You can send longer text messages by sending multiple messages. Same message can be sent to number of people also. There are two ways to do it:

1. To send a message to another cellular user follow the following steps:

1. Reach your cellphone [s [message[ menu.

2. Go to [Write Message[ menu.

3. Type the message to be sent. While in write text mode the keys automatically punch alphabets written below the numbers. Press a key once, twice or thrice to write the desired alphabet.

4. To send the message to the cellular phone user enter his mobile number.

5. And, he will receive your message within seconds of sending the same.

You will get a confirmation when you send a message.

If the mobile phone to whom you are sending the messages is out of the service area or the cellular phone is switched off, the message is stored. Messages can be stored for upto three days. Your client will receive messages on switching on the handset or on returning back service area.

To read the message, the receiver of the text message will follow the following steps:

When you receive a message the cellphone rings and often a blinking message alerts you that you have received a text message which can be read by clicking a key.


1. Go to [Message[ menu.
2. Go to [Read Message[.
3. Read the message.

2) Via SMSjunction's Wireless Web Site
There are two ways in which You can use SMSjunction's wireless website to send messages from your mobile phone:

1. SMSjunction Groups
Join a SMSjunction group or start one of your own...with SMSjunction groups you can invite your friends...form a wireless group...and send each other text messages.
Instead of typing SMS messages on your mobile phone...do it online while you are on our website instead! It's faster and easier. Send messages to an individual or to everyone all at once.

SMSjunction Mobile
Try SMSjunction Mobile! It's the easiest way to send some fun messages to your friends and family on any mobile device. If you like it, sign up and get more services as a SMSjunction member!

Q: How do I compose text messages from my cellular phone?
You enter letters and numbers by pressing the appropriate keys on your phone. It's easy. Each key (except the "*" key which is backspace) has more than one value. For example, pressing the 2 key once gives you the letter A. Twice gives you the letter B. Four times is the number 2. Five times and you're back to A. When you hear the letter or number you want to use, just hit the pound key to advance to the next letter.

To enter a space to separate words, press pound twice (once to advance to the next letter, once again to indicate the end of a word.)

To backspace, press the star key (*). You can find punctuation on the 1 key. Keep pressing 1 and you'll hear a selection of punctuation marks.

Here's a guide to the different values for each key.

Guide to buttons used in text-entry mode:
1: ("1",".","!","?",",","$","/","#","@");
2: a, b, c, 2
3: d, e, f, 3
4: g, h, i, 4
5: j, k, l, 5
6: m, n, o, 6
7: p, q, r, s, 7
8: t, u, v, 8
9: w, x, y, z, 9
*: <backspace>
0: "0"

Q: How can I add my friends to my pull-down list so I can send them a message?
To get your friends on your pull-down list on the Send a Message (blue) panel on every page, just click Edit Address Book from the nav bar. Once on the Edit Address Book page, simply type in your friend's SMSjunction handle (or click "search" if you don't know it) and click "add". You will now be able to quickly send your friend a message. If your friend is not currently a SMSjunction member you can type in their email address on the Edit Address Book page. We'll send out an invite to join SMSjunction and once they join, they will automatically be added to your address book.

Q: Can I send a friend a message if s/he's not a member of SMSjunction?
Yes You can send any friends a message even if they are not a member of SMSjunction. But do remember that if your friends are not members of SMSjunction.com they would not be able to send the messages to the group but just receive the messages. So start a group and invite them to become members to take full advantage of SMSjunction and just start exchanging messages.

Q: Can I chat with my friends like we do on Yahoo or MSN?
SMSjunction is not a chat service per sec. SMSjunction is a way to exchange text and voice messages with groups of your friends via your mobile phones and computers. However, if you launch the SMSjunction Mobile on SMSjunction.com, you can instant message other SMSjunction members and groups, which is similar to chat.

Q: I never got my validation code, what should I do? Can I still use SMSjunction?
You can still use SMSjunction if you have not validated your device, but you won't be able to receive any SMSjunction text messages on your mobile phone until you enter the validation code we sent you.

If you have not received your validation code you may want to verify that your device is text-message enabled by contacting your wireless service provider (eg Bharti, AT&T, Bpl Mobile, Orange, etc). Also, since sending a validation code to your phone is just like sending any other email, it may experience the same delays that other types of email experience. If you continue to have problems, click the "Contact Us" link in the nav bar and send us an email so we can troubleshoot.

Until you validate your device, we will send you all your SMSjunction messages to your email account. You can also read any messages you get via the Read Messages link on the nav bar.

Q: Can I change my SMSjunction handle?
If you want to start using a different SMSjunction handle, here is what you have to do:

  1. Go to the "Manage Account" page and click on the "device info" button. On the subsequent page click the "permanently remove my device" link.
  2. Click the "account info" button and change the email address on that page to a fake email address. Click "Update."
  3. Logoff and then register as a new member with your new handle and your real email address.
  4. Enter in your mobile device information and validate your device.
  5. Start using SMSjunction with your new identity.